Rates - Airification of Greens Wed September 23rd and Thursday September 24th

 Monday - Friday Walking RatesSenior $21,  Regular Rate $28, 1- 4PM $22, After 4PM $17 Nine holes $16 

 Weekend Walking Rates $31, 1- 4PM $22, After Four $17,  Nine holes $20, Nine holes after 1PM $17, Seniors $21 after 3pm.   

Cart Rates - 18 holes $16 per person, 9 holes $10 per person, (its okay to ride 2 in a cart now)

Play Until Sunset Rates - After 4:00pm $33 with a cart, after 4:30 pm $30 with a cart, after 5:00PM $25 with a cart.  Play until sunset which is 15 to 20 minutes before dark.  Carts are not allowed after dark as the gates need to be locked and cars in the parking lot need to be cleared.  Cars left in the parking lot after dark run the risk of being locked in.

Player Development Specials                                                                                           

Parent Junior Special after 6:00 PM: Monday - Thursday, $13 for the parent and $13 for Juniors ages 17 and under. Friday through Sunday you may use this special as early at 5:00pm.  These are slower times on the golf course which makes for a better learning enviroment.  If you have younger kids 10 and under this is the best time.  These starting times and rates are subject to change based on sunset hours.                                                     

Player Development Special After 5:30PM Monday - Sunday $21 per player (Special rate for new players and their friends, includes the cart.  New players are defined as anyone who can't break 100 for 18 holes or 50 for nine holes).  The golf course isnt as busy at these times making this a great time to break in new golfers!  These starting times and rates are subject to change based on sunset hours.  (Currently not appliable)                                         

A ​Spectator rider fee is $15 for eighteen holes, $9 for 9 holes, may putt or chip while riding along with your group.  This is a great way to introduce a freind, family member or loved one to golf.  Juniors 10 - 12 can play for a junior fee of $15, ride for free.  Cart fees for YOG, (Must  be at least 18 years old, fees are $5 for nine holes, $10 for eighteen holes, non playing riders or adult drivers  will also be charged the same cart fee).  

Rules and Regulations

Food and beverages must be bought at the clubhouse.  Juniors may play after 12pm on Weekends and any time on weekdays, but are expected to keep a normal pace when on the golf course.  Juniors ages 13 to 18 may play on the weekend moringings if they can keep a normal pace.  All other Juniors and/or slower paced players, (beginners),  should consider playing later in the day after 12PM, or better yet later in the evening when the golf course isn't so busy and provides a good enviroment for learning the game.   We have tees in the fairway, (short tees), which helps new players, juniors, or Older Seniors, improve thier pace of play and enjoyment of the game.  Typically the fastet pace is on weekend mornings.  All players are expected to keep a four hour pace for 18 holes, or 2 hour pace for nine holes.  Fivesome are rarely permitted by the golf shop and when they are they will be immediatley broken up if they can't keep pace.  Onesomes have no privlages to play through and our expected to pair up, twosomes, threesomes and foursomes are allowed to play through.  We encourage onesome and twosomes to call the golf shop ahead of time so we can pair you up.  If you are new to the game, or are slower paced golfers,  we may allow you to play as a twosome.  Youth on Golf players must play after 12pm, Monday - Sunday.  Must be eighteen to drive a cart,  tee shirts and jeans are okay, muscle shirts and undershirts are prohibited.  All players are responsible for damage to the golf car.  Players are also responsible for damage to golf course if damaged with deliberant attent.  Should any players have an issue with slow play, reckless behavior,  etc., we would appreciated it if you could call the golf shop so we can send a player assistant out to resolve the issue.  Please don't try to relove the issue yourself!  Our goal is for all of our Patrons to enjoy their day at Hodge Park GC, and leave with a smile!



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